Burnham Hydronics unveils ES2 boiler

LANCASTER, PA. — Burnham Hydronics introduced its new boiler, the ES2, an atmospheric, gas-fired, residential cast iron boiler for residential heating this August via a live video conference.

Developed by Burnham Hydronics engineers, the ES2 is a single boiler package with a cast iron heat exchanger and a new IQ control system that maximizes efficiency and provides for easy maintenance. It handles low-water return temperatures and has a modern look and design with 85% AFUE. It is a drop-in replacement for many boilers currently in use and eligible for Energy Star qualifying rebates.

The ES2 is designed to be a drop-in replacement with connections that are compatible with industry standard near boiler piping configurations. Generally, the installer doesn’t need to install additional piping to connect the boiler to a home’s heating system.

The boiler operates with system return water temperatures as low as 110ºF — the boiler doesn’t have to fire at a high rate to maintain comfortable temperature in the home — and utilizes the Burnham G3 heat exchanger made of BC25-HSi high silicon grey iron. The heat exchanger creates turbulent water flow in all areas, so there are no hot and cold spots, allowing maximum heat transfer.

Another feature of the boiler is the IQ control system, which combines boiler safety controls into one central control module. The LED readouts communicate system status updates. There is also an IQ outdoor reset card, allowing customization of settings.