Groups produce code reference series

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. – Cengage Learning, the International Code Council and DEWALT have announced the release of the DEWALT Code Reference Series.
The series is a line of reference books based on each topic's complementary codebook. Each pocket-sized manual in the series is made with durable metal binding and tear-resistant pages and contains full-color illustrations to help plumbers, builders and HVAC contractors in the field easily access information on the job.
"When contractors have a code question on site, they need the answer right away," said Mark Johnson, International Code Council business and product development senior vice president. "By partnering with DEWALT on this great series, the International Code Council makes it easier for professionals on the job to get code answers quickly and accurately. In addition to saving time, they help ensure the safety of their clients' lives and property."
Based on the 2006 International Plumbing and Residential Codes, the plumbing code reference is a resource for anyone working with plumbing systems. It illustrates hundreds of the most common code requirements, violations and installation concerns. Topics include materials, kitchens, notching and cutting, backflow, water heaters, isometrics, bathrooms, trenching and excavation, plumbing tables and testing procedures.
The building code reference is based on the 2006 International Building and Residential Codes. Topics include stairs, foundations and footings, concrete, egress requirements, wall and floor framing, roof framing and covering, trenching and excavation, methods and procedures.
The HVAC/R code reference is based on the 2006 International Mechanical Code. It covers commercial hoods, combustion air openings, access and clearances, duct construction, mechanical ventilation, chimneys and vents, grease duct systems and testing procedures.
"Each book in this code reference series is an invaluable resource,” said Edward Francis, product development manager at Delmar, Cengage Learning. “With so many new regulations and standards, it's imperative that professionals working in these various fields are equipped with the most up-to-date information and are able to easily apply that information to their everyday tasks."
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