Contractors become GreenPlumbers

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — The Green Plumber, Long Beach, Calif., Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, San Diego, and Delpo Plumbing & Heating Corp., Tappan, N.Y., recently became certified GreenPlumbers.

Timothy Collier, owner of The Green Plumber, has been installing water-efficient toilets, tankless water heaters, gray water systems and solar hot water for years now, but is glad to see conservation becoming part of the mainstream.

"I'm excited to partner with GreenPlumbers at a time when water conservation is at the forefront of news in my city, county and state," Collier said. "With the assistance of GreenPlumbers, my company is up to date, and ready to assist my clients with their water conservation needs. With training, our plumbers will be able to provide the best green plumbing options available, saving our clients’ resources, energy and money."

Mary Jean Anderson, president of Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, is focusing the company's green work on household water audits, residential retrofits, new technology and education. The company now incorporates Walter Anderson Plumbing, Anderson One Hour Heating Air, Air Best and a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise and has been in business for 30 years.

“As a mother and grandmother, I believe I need to be proactive to ensure my family and their families will have resources necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle," said Anderson.

She also points out that for her woman-owned plumbing company, adding “green” makes perfect sense. “It adds a level of ethics and integrity while positioning us within the community as experts with values and principles essential to improving our community through a sustainable future," Anderson said.

Delpo Plumbing & Heating Corp., a family-owned company, became a licensed GreenPlumber to show commitment to water conservation and to give its clients information on green technology and natural resource consumption.

“With green technology continuing to emerge, education and licensing is key to understanding,” said Rich DelPonte, owner of Delpo Plumbing & Heating. “Being licensed shows our customers we are serious about the green movement. We plan to have each of our employees certified, so we can help consumers make the best decisions with the newest and most innovative products and information available.”