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Contractors, Ed O’Connell and Alex Walter Honored

Contractors, Ed O’Connell and Alex Walter Honored

DALLAS, Texas – Ed O’Connell and Alex Walter were voted “Contributors of the Year” by the members of the Service Roundtable® and honored at the company’s Las Vegas Roundtable national meeting.

Members of the Service Roundtable submitted their choices for “Contributor of the Year” for plumbing and HVAC prior to the company’s national meeting. Dozens of individuals were nominated. Ed O’Connell (on the left) of O'Connell Plumbing, Inc. (Fairfax, CA) received the most plumbing nominations and Alex Walter (on the right) of About Home Comfort, Inc. (Aurora, CO) led in HVAC.

“There are many, many contractors and consultants who offer valuable insight, share content, and otherwise contribute to the Service Roundtable,” said Service Roundtable CEO, Matt Michel, “That the members saw fit to honor Ed O’Connell for plumbing and Alex Walter for HVAC is an incredible complement to Ed and Alex.”

“It’s a terrific honor,” said O’Connell. “I only hope my small contributions reflect positively on the many folks who have helped me. It's the unselfish give-and-take on this incredible Service Roundtable that makes me proud to be part of such a special group.”

Walter added, “What an honor. It was a huge surprise and somewhat embarrassing to receive the Service Roundtable Contributor of the Year award. I sense that other Service Roundtable members have contributed at least as much as I have.”

Serving plumbing and HVAC, the Service Roundtable is the world’s largest contractor business alliance. For $50 a month, contractors access an online library of over $3 million of sales, marketing, and business management content specifically developed for their trade. They also can participate in the Roundtable Rewards vendor rebate program and the 24/7/365 peer-to-peer business Roundtable assistance groups.

In the words of Ed O’Connell, “The Service Roundtable is doing, at $50.00 bucks a month, what other outfits are doing for a heck-of-a-lot more. It's obvious they're on to something special.”

For more information on the Service Roundtable ( contact Liz Patrick toll free at 877/262.3341 or by email at [email protected]