Eggrock begins production on first military housing contract

LITTLETON, MASS. —Eggrock Inc., the manufacturer of factory-built bathrooms, announced that it would be supplying general contractor Mortenson Construction with factory-built bathroom units for its recently awarded Warrior in Transition (WT) Barracks project located in Ft. Carson, Colo.

The WT program was implemented by the U.S. Army to care for wounded soldiers, their families and caregivers. WT barracks provide quality housing for soldiers who require long-term medical care.

The Ft. Carson Barracks is the first military project for Eggrock, which has supplied factory-built bathrooms in the hospitality, healthcare and student housing markets.

Mortenson is using building information modeling (BIM) to integrate Eggrock’s bathroom pod into the building design. Eggrock’s BIM model of the bathroom is also used to control the manufacturing process to improve quality and reduce waste. Eggrock estimates that Mortenson will eliminate over 600 cubic yards of construction waste by using its bathrooms for this project.

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