GeOasis launches new Web site

PHOENIX — GeOasis has recently launched its new Web site The improved and updated Web site was necessary as the demand for geothermal technology and renewable energy grows, and consumers want to have direct access to the company’s information and experience the various application options.

The Web site features not only information about Geoasis and geothermal technology, but offers various case studies to exemplify the different use and functions of geothermal equipment. It also explains existing rebates and tax credits offered by utility companies and state and federal government, so that interested consumers can evaluate cost involved in this energy alternative.

“We wanted to make the Web site real user friendly”, stated Cherri Marrese, marketing manager for Geoasis at the Web launch. “In order to achieve this goal everybody at Geoasis started thinking from a customer perspective, and we added what our customer would want to know in a clear and understandable language.”

The Web site has an extensive Question and Answer tab, which covers all angles of geothermal technology use for energy-efficient heating and cooling. Geoasis will update the Web site information on a regular base to ensure the most recent news, case studies and projects are available to the consumers with the push of a button.

GeOasis was created for an efficient way to apply geothermal technology in the desert southwest by leveraging the unique climate and resources. GeOasis technologies have dramatically reduced the typical upfront geothermal costs, making this technology obtainable.