Haberberger wraps up work at Taum Sauk Reservoir

ST. LOUIS -- Haberberger, Inc. has announced the completion of two separate projects at AmerenUE’s Taum Sauk hydroelectric plant near Lesterville, Mo. The company was recruited to be part of a $245 million rebuild.

Haberberger was contracted by Tarlton Corp. to weld drain lines inside the dam’s penstock. The drain lines release ground water pressure to protect the penstock. Haberberger had to travel more than a mile in the penstock to get the pipe properly positioned, and the company fabricated and installed the 1,600 feet of drain pipe.

Haberberger was contracted by PayneCrest Electric to install instrumentation for the dam’s upper reservoir and the power plant. Haberberger’s team installed more than 240 instruments, including new float controls to monitor the water flow into and out of the dam’s storage basin and new pressure transmitters to regulate the reservoir’s penstock pressure.

Both projects were supervised by Haberberger Superintendent Clay Buxton and Project Manager Joe Wilhelm.

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