Heliodyne introduces online solar program

RICHMOND, CALIF. — Heliodyne is offering web-based solar installation courses for trade professionals interested in installing solar thermal systems.

The course educates professionals on solar hot water theory along with proper installation techniques. It focuses on topics such as solar hot water fundamentals, sales and quoting, sizing, installation, and service and maintenance. The subjects are broken down into short lessons, so students can study at their own pace and from the convenience of their home or office.

“The comprehensiveness of the course is unprecedented,” said Ole Pilgaard, president of Heliodyne. “We’re confident it will compliment President Obama’s push towards a green economy by educating the American workforce on this viable and cost effective form of renewable energy.”

Using a web-based Learning Management System, students are taught using a series of videos and illustrations. After viewing and studying each lesson, the student has the option to take an online exam. Taking and passing the exams are not required, but necessary if the student wants to become a certified installer of Heliodyne products.

“Utilizing the Internet as a medium to train and educate plumbers, builders, dealers, engineers, architects, planners and other relevant industry professionals is an ideal solution since we can reach so many without the inconvenience and expense of travel,” said Robert Cooley, training manager at Heliodyne.

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certification is pending. For a limited time, the company will offer the course free of charge.