Higgins Mechanical joins the Linc Service Network

PITTSBURGH – Higgins Mechanical of Gardner, Mass., has joined Linc Network as the newest Linc Service franchise. The firm will immediately begin selling Linc Service to new and existing customers that reside in several areas of Massachusetts, including Franklin, Worchester and Middlesex Counties, and will continue to provide services to customers in select areas of New Hampshire.

Higgins Mechanical provides a full range of professional mechanical contracting services, which are specific to commercial and industrial needs, to customers in its markets. It specializes in air conditioning, refrigeration, boilers, piping, pneumatic and electronic controls, critical equipment rooms, data centers, system replacements and retrofitting. As a Linc Service Contractor, the company will follow the disciplines of the Linc System in delivering preventive maintenance to its market.

Along with this new partnership, Higgins Mechanical is looking to expand its current staff of nine employees to help continue to grow the company and its expertise.

“Higgins Mechanical is a growing company with more than 18 years of experience in the industry. We provide a full range of professional mechanical contracting services specific to commercial and industrial needs,” said Kyle Higgins, president of Higgins Mechanical. “We are excited about the partnership with the Linc Service Network and look forward to a long-lasting and successful relationship.”

“Higgins Mechanical’s experience in the commercial and industrial industry in conjunction with Linc’s proven system will allow them to further expand their presence in Massachusetts,” said Scott Giacobbe, President & CEO of Linc Network. “We are very happy that Higgins Mechanical has joined our best-in-class Network of mechanical contractors.”