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McKinstry’s new Web site simplifies capabilities and offerings

SEATTLE – McKinstry’s new Web site,, created by remerinc, a full-service advertising and creative marketing agency, was designed as a component of a larger initiative to simplify and organize its capabilities and offerings.

The new Web site is a realization of a new brand architecture, designed to make it easier for architects, general contractors, developers, building owners, facility managers, employees and other audiences to learn and understand the variety of services that McKinstry offers.

“This new site is really the best of both worlds,” said McKinstry’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Tony Stewart. “It’s a tremendous introduction for people unfamiliar with McKinstry… and thus a great recruitment tool for new talent. At the same time, it’s architected in such a way that people coming to find specific information can do so quickly and easily. The response from our internal teams as well as our clients has been phenomenal.”

McKinstry’s Web site encourages visitors to interactively discover and learn about the expertise, capabilities and career opportunities that McKinstry has to offer. The Web site is straightforward and easy to navigate, allowing visitors to search for specific content.

“The virtual building at the core of the site is a visual metaphor for the wide range of environments that McKinstry serves,” explained Andrea Jones, vice president of Strategy and Client Services at remerinc. “By animating these environments, we’re reinforcing the fact that, in the end, McKinstry is as much about serving people as it is about creating buildings. Consistent themes include keeping energy costs down for building owners, creating reliability for building managers, and providing comfortable spaces for people to work, play and live within. This discipline perfectly supports the multiple meanings of McKinstry’s tagline… For the Life of Your Building.”