MCAA Educates Supervisors to Achieve Win-Win Negotiations

ROCKVILLE, MD—The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) released a new educational DVD to assist mechanical construction foremen and project managers in resolving safety conflicts on the jobsite. Making It Work: Safety Conflict Resolution for Supervisors provides the skills supervisors need to address jobsite safety conflicts in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

“Safety conflicts occur daily in the mechanical construction industry,” notes Tom Skaggs, Chairman of MCAA’s Safety and Health Committee and Vice President – Safety for the Murphy Company. “This type of conflict, when not handled properly, can slow productivity, create animosity, destroy relationships and cost employers money,” he adds.

The Making It Work: Safety Conflict Resolution for Supervisors DVD highlights the reasons behind most safety conflicts: personal differences, misinformation, incompatible roles and work stress. The DVD then teaches supervisors about the five approaches most frequently used when attempting to resolve safety conflicts, and which one typically provides the best opportunity for effective and efficient safety conflict resolution.

“Most safety conflicts are easily resolved once all parties have shared their opinions and there is a mutual understanding of one another’s concerns,” notes MCAA Director of Safety and Health Pete Chaney. “By educating mechanical construction supervisors, it is MCAA’s hope that every one of these conflicts will result in a win-win solution.”

MCAA members and local affiliated associations received a free copy of Making It Work: Safety Conflict Resolution for Supervisors. Additional copies are available to members for $65. The DVD also is available to non-members for $195.

The DVD is available from MCAA’s Bookstore at, where contractors can also find a wide variety of safety publications designed specifically for the mechanical construction, service and plumbing industries. For additional information about MCAA’s Safety Excellence Initiative or how you can better educate your supervisors about the importance of jobsite safety negotiations, please contact Pete Chaney at 800/556-3653 or [email protected]

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