MCAA Releases Safety Leadership DVD

ROCKVILLE, MD—The Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MCAA) just released a new publication on Safety Leadership for Mechanical Construction Supervisors which offers viewers an overview of the skills required to be a good safety leader and build a strong safety culture.

“Not even the best safety programs can succeed without great leadership from the supervisors in charge of them,” said Tom Skaggs, Chairman of MCAA’s Safety and Health Committee and Vice President – Safety for the Murphy Company. “That’s why I’m so pleased with MCAA’s new supervisor training DVD on safety leadership for mechanical construction supervisors. The DVD, which was created by MCAA’s Safety and Health Committee, gets the ball rolling by teaching foremen, project managers and other supervisors the leadership skills that are most critical to making their safety programs successful.”

Viewers of the new Safety Leadership for Mechanical Construction Supervisors DVD will learn about key leadership skills such as leading by example, relationship building, mentoring, demanding safety excellence, taking good care of employees and effective handling of difficult personalities. The DVD provides real-life examples to enhance the leadership skills of mechanical construction jobsite supervisors.

MCAA members and local affiliated associations will receive a free copy of the DVD in their regular membership mailing. Non-members are welcome to order through our online store (, where a full range of safety publications and learning tools are available, including model programs that assist contractors in complying with OSHA requirements and safety talks and safety training kits to help with in-house training.