McKinstry Plumbers Certified Green

SEATTLE – McKinstry Plumbing, in an effort to integrate sustainability into every aspect of its operations, has achieved GreenPlumbers Accreditation for its plumbers and pipefitters. To become certified GreenPlumbers, candidates must undergo 32-hours of training in such subjects as climate and water care, solar hot water, water efficient technologies, and more.

In a challenging economy, owners are looking for innovative ways to save energy and protect their assets. GreenPlumbers certification represents one more avenue for McKinstry to deliver this type and level of service to its clientelle.

“The GreenPlumbers training provides our plumbers with the necessary tools and resources to present multiple solutions to help our clients save water, energy and money,” states Bob Frey, McKinstry’s VP of Service.

The GreenPlumbers program is a partner of the EPA WaterSense program, Alliance for Water Efficiency, the California Center for Sustainable Energy, the California Urban Water Conservation Council, as well as other industry leaders that share its mission of bringing environmental training to plumbers. More information about GreenPlumbers can be found at

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