Atlanta Motorsports Park is first ‘green’ racetrack

DAWSONVILLE, GA. — The Atlanta Motorsports Park is well on its way to become the first sustainable racetrack in the world.

Jeremy Porter, CEO of Atlanta Motorsports, said when the track opens in the third quarter of 2010, his track will be the only sustainable commercial industrial development in America as well as the only green motorsports park in the world.

“We’re trying to set the standard,” said Porter. “If a racetrack, which is not considered to be a very green business, can be green, what’s everyone else’s excuse in America? It’s time for a change.”

Atlanta Motorsports is pulling out all the stops to be sustainable. The site will feature three micro-turbine windmills to generate energy. As much as 35% of the asphalt is recycled, and the guard rail around the track is also recycled. A solar-powered caution lighting system surrounds the driving course and solar-powered fans will provide air movement inside buildings. Plus, Porter has applied for a $2 million grant to be the largest solar farm in Georgia. The site is already using recycled water for irrigation, and if the county allows, the park will collect rainwater from its roofs to flush its toilets.

Sloan water-free urinals, flushless, odorless urinals that provide 100% water savings, and solar-powered, sensor-operated Sloan SOLIS dual-flush flushometers and faucets, which derive energy from any natural or artificial light source to power their sensors for touchless, automatic operation, will be installed in the clubhouse and public restrooms.

The raceway will also install other Sloan restroom products, including electronic hand dryers, soap dispensers and hand sanitizers.