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MSCA and AirAdvice offer energy services webinars

ROCKVILLE , MD. – For the past six weeks, the Mechanical Service Contractors of America and AirAdvice, a provider of technology for delivering energy services, have been conducting an educational webinar series for MSCA members on the value of energy services to mechanical service contractors.

This educational program explains how contractors focusing on energy efficiency in their services, including planned maintenance agreements, can solve problems and improve business for their customers. This program aims to educate MSCA contractors, so that they can efficiently and effectively serve their customers.

The webinar series includes sessions on energy benchmarking, energy audits, service and retrofit sales, monitoring and verification, LEED and the marketing of energy services. The program guides contractors, so they can better address the significant opportunity to reduce operating costs and improve sustainability in the commercial buildings market. MSCA members participating in this educational series will be more prepared to address the energy services needs of their customers.

“The series of energy services webinars being presented by MSCA and AirAdvice has been extremely informative and beneficial to us as we expand our energy service offerings to meet our customers’ needs,” commented Dave Bavisotto, sales manager for Illingworth-Kilgust Mechanical, an EMCOR company in Milwaukee. “And the convenience of having our employees participate right from our own conference room makes this particular program especially economical and attractive.”

Economic conditions, including decreasing rent and asset values, are prompting building owners and managers to develop strategies and partnerships to drive down their operating costs. Reducing energy costs is one of their highest priorities now, as energy costs typically represent the largest category of controllable costs in a building.

To date, services to lower utility costs through energy efficiency improvements have been limited mainly to larger commercial properties, typically offered by global energy service companies that deliver performance contracting services. However, this model of service is not economically justifiable in smaller buildings. Small and medium sized building service is a vastly underserved market for which the contractor members of the MSCA are ideally suited for.

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