Noritz unveils energy-efficient tankless water heater

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIF. — Noritz America Corp., the official tankless water heater of Brad Pitt’s Make It Right project in New Orleans, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2008-09, and Leonardo di Caprio’s rebuilding effort in Greensburg, Kan., has introduced the N-0842MC condensing unit for residential use.

The unit is an extension of Noritz’s commercial N-0841MC tankless water heater with its new condensing technology yielding 94% energy efficiency versus 60% of a typical tank water heater. The N-0842MC will be housed in Noritz’s traditional powder coat casing and has a built-in PVC adapter. The new residential version will be priced $300 less, allowing homeowners to experience additional savings on top of the tax credits available through the government stimulus program.

Under the current plan instated by President Obama, consumers can receive a 30% tax credit on the price of the equipment, plus installation costs, up to $1,500 total. The tax credit has been extended through the end of 2010.

The main component of this new technology is the Super Heat Exchanger. The N-0842MC integrates two heat exchangers together with the primary heat exchanger comprised of K-copper and the secondary of stainless steel. This is the result of the synergy between Noritz’s advanced technology and eco-friendly goal. Noritz tankless water heaters work on-demand, so they only heat water when necessary. When a hot water fixture is turned on or hot water is required by an appliance, the heater will detect the demand and heat the water accordingly. Standard tank water heaters store and heat water at all times, so this results in higher operating costs. In addition, tank water heaters have a limited supply of hot water, whereas a Noritz system provides an endless supply of hot water. Since a Noritz unit is about the size of a carry-on suitcase, space consumption is reduced.

“Energy prices are higher than ever and, at Noritz, we stress energy efficiency,” Yoshi Asano, Noritz America senior marketing manager. “With a Noritz unit, you can expect a savings of up to 50% on your yearly energy costs. The “green” movement is also very vital to Noritz, so we stress that into every one of our units.”