Oliver Heating, Cooling donates A/C to local church

Oliver Heating, Cooling donates A/C to local church

MORTON, PA. — Oliver Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is giving back to its community through the Heat for the Holidays program. Recently, Oliver donated a new air conditioning system and volunteers helped install it for the Shorter AME church here.

“We have been a customer of Oliver a long time,” said George Dickerson, vice chairman of the church’s Stewardship Board. “They are a very good, efficient company. Nice people. Some of the members in our church have grandparents and parents of employees who work for Oliver. The Good Lord has blessed us through Oliver after we prayed what to do when our air conditioning system died. We had no money to replace it so the elders of our church decided to write a letter to Mr. Oliver and Bernie for help when they sent a poster about the Heat for the Holidays outreach program.”

The pastor at the Shorter AME church is Reverend Roselin Martin. Dickerson has been a resident of Morton all his life and an employee of the Springfield Township for more than 40 years.

The Heat for the Holidays Program was started by Oliver to give back to the community by helping families in need who live in the local area. Oliver Heating Cooling and Plumbing is located in Morton, Pa.

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