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Program assists veterans in starting businesses

WACO, TEXAS – Mr. Rooter and The Dwyer Group Inc. have initiated a new program to assist transitioning military personnel and current veterans in building their own businesses.

The Program for Assisting Veteran Entrepreneurship (PAVE) offers veterans and their families an opportunity to put the practical management skills they developed in the military to use in civilian life. PAVE is open to all veterans who have been honorably discharged by a DD214 or similar documentation.

The program offers veterans: a 25% discount on the purchase of an initial base franchise territory for Mr. Rooter or one of the other five franchise concepts of The Dwyer Group; individual support from a director of military franchise development to guide the first phase of the franchising process; partial company financing for qualified individuals; future franchise resale opportunities; and additional discounts with The Dwyer Group preferred vendors.

After the first Gulf War in 1994, Don Dwyer Sr. started the International Franchise Association VetFran program to offer veterans discounts on franchise territory purchases. PAVE builds on VetFran by adding individual coaching through the purchase process.

“We are excited to build on the program my father created because we see the potential in our military personnel returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world where they have served unselfishly,” said Dina Dwyer-Owens, chairwoman of The Dwyer Group. “We are looking for people who want to take charge of their own destiny, want to be in business for themselves and want to capitalize on their military experience. They have worked so hard to protect the American dream, now we want to help them live the American dream.”

Last year, more than 20 veterans started their own businesses through the VetFran program at The Dwyer Group. Additional information is available at 800/396-6151.