Quietside Corp. joins Facebook and Twitter

CARLISLE, PA. — Quietside Corp., a distributor of HVAC products in North America, has joined Facebook and Twitter.

Quietside’s Facebook profile gives Facebook members a firsthand look inside the operations of Quietside. It shows photos and details of all product lines, gives updates on the latest news and sales promotions, and gives members an outlet to ask questions with fast responses. To follow Quietside on Facebook go to Facebook and search Quietside.

Industry professionals and customers can also follow Quietside on Twitter. Go to Twitter and search Quietside Corp.

Since 1998 Quietside has been the sales and product support partner for Samsung mini-split air conditioning throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to Samsung, Quietside is offering PVC vented on-demand tankless and dual-purpose water heaters and mini-split air conditioners under the Quietside brand name. They have dedicated themselves to providing equipment, technical support, and parts and accessories.

Further information can be obtained by calling 1-866-243-6498.