Randall Mechanical works on pharmaceutical job

ORLANDO, FLA. – Orlando-based Randall Mechanical Inc.’s newly-expanded High Purity Piping Business Group is under way on a high-tech passivation project at SurModics Pharmaceuticals’ world-class 90,000-sq.ft. facility in Birmingham, Ala.

Passivation is a critical, highly-specialized process that purifies the interior surfaces of high purity piping and improves corrosion resistance by flushing and chemically cleaning the process piping systems. The work involves installation of stainless steel piping and process components for the Water For Injection (WFI) and Clean Steam systems in compliance with BPE and FDA regulations, after which the systems will be passivated using a citric-based solution.

Randall Mechanical’s technicians are performing the passivation process on more than 2,200 linear feet of high purity piping which requires a 15-day, around-the-clock schedule slated for November 24 completion. SurModics Pharmaceuticals is a product-focused leader in drug delivery and is internationally recognized for its contributions to the drug-delivery field since the pioneering days of controlled release in the 1970s.

Founded in 1986 by Jeffrey S. Condello, president/CEO, Randall Mechanical Inc. is headquartered in Apopka, Fla. and also operates offices in Melbourne and Tampa, Fla. Additional information is available at www.randallmechanical.com.