Sloan sponsors comprehensive white paper

FRANKLIN PARK, ILL. — Sloan Valve Company is a primary sponsor of a comprehensive white paper about incorporating sustainable water strategies in today’s building designs and how water-efficient technologies effectively meet the demands of commercial facilities.

Sloan’s sponsorship of the white paper, Green Buildings + Water Performance, underscores the company’s commitment to developing sustainable water products and systems, such as low-flow faucets and low-consumption flushometers.

“This white paper simply validates our long-held position regarding sustainable plumbing technologies,” said John Watson, water efficiency director at Sloan. “Sloan manufactures many of the top plumbing products that survey respondents reported as being important to them.”

According to the survey conducted as the basis for the white paper, in the next 18-24 months 64% of respondents said they expect to use dual-flush valves, such as Sloan’s UPPERCUT manual dual-flush flushometer, as well as Sloan SOLIS and Sloan ECOS electronic dual-flush flushometers; 67% will use high-efficiency toilets with flushometers, flushing at 1.28-gpf or less, and 73% will use high-efficiency urinals flushing at 0.5-gpf or less; 78% project using high-efficiency lavatory faucets; 45% will use flush-free urinals; and 72% plan to use high-efficiency showerheads.

For a free copy of the white paper or for more information, contact Sloan Valve Company.