SpacePak launches fall heating promotion

SpacePak invites HVAC professionals to warm up with our Fall/Winter Heating Promotion. Participants who purchase any of SpacePak’s heating equipment between September 15, 2009 and February 28, 2010 will receive their choice of a free work-ready “barn” coat or ultra durable Carhart tool bag! Simply purchase any qualifying SpacePak heating equipment and return the gift coupon with proof of purchase to SpacePak.

Qualifying products:
ThermaPak High Efficiency Boiler & Water Heater Combi Units
ElectriPak Integral Modulating Heating Modules
WaterPak 4 row Hydronic Heating Coils
Electric Duct Heaters
WCSP-D Series Hydronic Fan Coil Units

SpacePak, the original SDHV manufacturer, offers the most versatile comfort systems available today whether it is cooling, heating or indoor air quality. Please contact your SpacePak at 800-465-8558 with any questions.