State Water Heaters sponsors Living Zero tour

ASHLAND CITY, TENN. — State Water Heaters is sponsoring the Living Zero Home Tour, showcasing the Premier Power Vent gas water heater on the traveling modular home.

The tour demonstrates how to integrate energy-efficient products into homes and has been recognized by Good Morning America.

The Living Zero Home Tour, which began in July, features Energy Star products and showcases high-performance, low-maintenance building materials, home systems and appliances. Energy Star is using the NASCAR circuit to reach consumers in 16 cities before the tour concludes in November.

It offers visitors the opportunity to experience first hand a state-of-the-art energy-efficient home to see how energy efficiency and other sustainable technologies can be integrated to reduce monthly utility bills and help protect the environment.

"State Water Heaters is proud to sponsor this tour with their energy-efficient Premier Power Vent and tankless models," said David Chisolm, brand manager for State Water Heaters. "The tour's presence at NASCAR races makes it a perfect fit for State Water Heaters."

The Premier Power Vent offers operating cost savings due to its 96% thermal efficiency, and, with an estimated 127-gal. first-hour delivery and 93-gph recovery, it provides greater hot water output in a standard footprint.

"It is a revolutionary product for plumbing contractors giving them another option to address the ever-increasing consumer demand for hot water," Chisolm said.