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Student "flush-off" simulates peak demand at CONSOL Energy Center

FRANKLIN PARK, IL - About 500 student fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team volunteered their time to test whether the plumbing system at the new CONSOL Energy Center could stand up to big crowds on game days. Participants in the June event were strategically placed throughout the stadium's public restrooms - which employ 360 Crown® 1.28 gpf High-Efficiency Toilet Flushometers and 155 Royal® 0.5 gpf High-Efficiency Urinal Flushometers from Sloan Valve Company - and waited to manually flush when given the signal.

Thousands of students entered a drawing for tickets to the event, which was dubbed the Student Flush. The synchronized flushing test in public restrooms throughout the stadium, initiated by directions given through the public address system, went off without a hitch: When the hundreds of water closets and urinals flushed, the water and sanitary mains operated just as they should.

The Penguins treated participants to a free T-shirt, pizza and a tour of the new facility. The Student Flush event took its name from the Penguins' popular Student Rush program, which includes discount game tickets to high school and college students.

The CONSOL Energy Center is one of many stadiums nationwide to install Sloan plumbing products and systems. Other stadiums include Target Field, the new home of the Minnesota Twins, and the Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium.