PHCC Texas students ace the journeymen exam

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Texas Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors announced that the 88 students in its apprenticeship program achieved a 100% pass rate for the journeyman tradesman exam.

The weekend training course included 16 hours on plumbing definitions; basic use of codebooks; water heaters; vent sizing, quality and weights; traps and cleanouts; interceptors and backwater valves; plumbing fixtures; plumbing layouts; and indirect waste piping and special wastes. On top of the classroom training hours, the instructors created a mockup of a house for the students to plumb for hands-on training experience.

Instructors Todd Iocco and Robert Piazza are responsible for the highest documented pass rate in PHCC-Texas history. The instructors are credited for tirelessly working to provide all their students with the best curriculum and study materials possible. Both of these men have put in countless hours even after the course is over to help students who need that extra one-on-one time to get it right.

PHCC-Texas is the association of choice for contracting professionals and firms operating in the State of Texas. The association provides State Board-approved continuing education courses in plumbing and HVAC, plus training in medical gas; residential and commercial codes; OSHA and safety; lead paint certification; fire sprinkler installation; and backflow prevention testing. PHCC-Texas also offers test prep training for the Master test, the journeyman tradesman test and the apprentice-training program.

PHCC-Texas takes great pride in its reputation as not only a leading provider of continuing education classes throughout Texas, but also as a strong advocate working on behalf of the plumbing, heating and cooling industry.