TOTO study confirms consumers want quality, benefits

MORROW, GA. — According to recent studies conducted by TOTO USA, the most prevalent trends with consumers today is a strong desire for innovative products, but only if they have real-world benefits, such as saving water and money, reliability that leads to peace of mind for the homeowner, or better performance.

“TOTO bath products are designed to go beyond expectations, and they look breathtakingly beautiful doing it,” noted Daijiro Nogata, president of TOTO Americas. “With unrivaled vision and expertise, TOTO leads and never follows in designing, engineering, refining, and delivering revolutionary technology that enhances daily life. That’s people-first innovation.”

During the recession, news stories and consumer confidence surveys have pointed to unwillingness on the part of consumers to spend money on items of questionable quality or to buy something just because it is cheaper. TOTO’s study confirmed that quality and reliability are primary drivers in consumer purchasing choices, perhaps more so now that the recession has tightened pocket books and wallets.

“The survey findings are not surprising to us at TOTO because those looking for quality toilets, showers, faucets, or bathroom sinks have always turned to us,” said Nogata. Providing more comfort and reliable performance are the benefits of our innovation, and that’s always been how TOTO delivers real value.”