Uponor Offers First State-certified Water Authority Training Program for Residential Sprinkler Systems

HARRISBURG, PA. — With the Jan. 1, 2011, requirement to include fire sprinklers in all new homes, the state of Pennsylvania recently certified a training program for water authorities on residential fire sprinkler systems. The training program, provided by Uponor, a manufacturer and supplier of multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler systems as well as radiant heating and cooling systems, will also offer attendees continuing education units (CEUs).

According to Paul McCulloch, technical representative for Uponor Fire Safety, the course will follow the requirements of the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13D Standard for the installation of fire sprinkler systems in single- and two-family homes. Specifically, the training will focus on the following key topics.

· Codes and standards
· Different types of residential fire sprinkler systems
· Water supply and backflow requirements
· Underground pipe sizing

McCulloch, who is NICET III-certified in residential fire sprinkler design and was recently appointed to the Residential Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation Exam Development Committee by the International Code Council Board for International Professional Standards (BIPS), states this state-certified training will be highly valuable for water authorities, which are typically more familiar with commercial fire sprinkler systems, since they have been a requirement in new construction for many years.

“Residential fire sprinkler systems have different design requirements and offerings compared with commercial systems,” says McCulloch. “It’s important to educate water authorities on these differences to ensure they are properly trained and ready to meet the demand that will come with the new residential fire sprinkler mandate.”

Uponor offers a multipurpose fire sprinkler system for homes that integrates with a home’s cold-water plumbing system. Currently, multipurpose fire sprinkler systems are approved for residential applications only.