Zoeller Company Launches New Website and Branding Initiative

LOUISVILLE, KY – Zoeller Company has announced the launch of a new website for the corporation and the four brands in the Zoeller Family of Water Solutions.

The new site is organized, easy to navigate and uses a cohesive template that reinforces the relationship between the company’s different brands. The site also incorporates new features and enhanced benefits to its users including a drop down menu, a News & Events section and an interactive literature index.

The new site also unveiled new logos for all brands, initiating Zoeller’s new branding project. In an effort to emphasize the family of Zoeller brands the logos feature similar designs with differentiating features to enforce the unique characteristics of each brand.

“We are extremely excited about the website and related branding initiative,” said Mark Huntebrinker, Zoeller Company’s Director of Marketing. “It gives us a great platform to build on in order to better communicate with our customers in the future.”

To visit the new sites and/or view the new logos, go to www.zoeller.com.

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