N.J. Gov. rejects sprinkler bill

May 14, 2015
Bill would have required new single- and two-family homes to be sprinklered.

According to a story reported on, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has conditionally vetoed Bill A1698, which would have required all new single- and two-family homes in the state to be built equipped with fire sprinklers.

According to a quote from the Governor's office, the on-going recovery from Superstorm Sandy factored into the decision:

"Mandating sprinkler installation would increase the upfront cost of every new freestanding home by thousands of dollars, even as this state's citizens continue the struggle to rebuild their lives after Superstorm Sandy... That storm left unprecedented damage across the state in its wake, leaving whole communities devastated and entire houses demolished. This bill would further burden New Jerseyans rebuilding their homes..."

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