Coastal releases Pipefitting training series

June 3, 2009
VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. — Coastal Training Technologies recently released an 11-course pipefitting training series, which is available for free preview.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. — Coastal Training Technologies recently released an 11-course Pipefitting training series, which is available for free preview.

The new series is designed for employees and students with little to no pipefitting experience and covers the most common piping systems in use today. Training participants will learn about piping joints, fittings, offsets, flanges, gaskets and accessories as well as how to measure pipe, thread pipe and read piping drawings. Proper safety precautions are presented and stressed throughout the series.

“Coastal’s Pipefitting series was produced in direct response to customer requests,” said Dan McGonegle, manager of Coastal Skills Training. “On-the-job training and shadowing are often prolonged and expensive alternatives to gain the pipefitting skills required of today’s workforce. As a result, our customers have repeatedly expressed their need for a quick and thorough solution to train employees and new hires on pipefitting techniques and practices.”

The Pipefitting training series is currently available on DVD and will be released in Coastal’s ClarityNet HD online courseware in early June. Coastal’s DVD delivery format includes content organized by learning objectives to facilitate classroom discussion, enabling administrators to cover specific training points.

Coastal’s ClarityNet HD online courseware features pre- and post-testing, embedded questions and interactive exercises. Training participants can complete the courses at their own pace and convenience, and administrators can deliver and track the training with ease.

The series includes the following courses: introduction to pipefitting, piping systems and standards, pipe fittings and joints, measuring pipe and drawings, offsets, manual and electric threaded pipe, flanged pipe, plastic pipe, accessories and specialty equipment, tubing and hoses. Other popular maintenance training topics include fluid power, steam traps, power transmission, HVAC&R and boiler operation and control.

“The Pipefitting series rounds out the Coastal Skills Training curriculum to make it a comprehensive training solution for the industrial workplace and schools,” said McGonegle.

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