Mahoney Plumbing celebrates 50th

April 5, 2010
Mahoney Plumbing here is celebrating 50 years in business on Chicago’s the North Shore.

HIGHWOOD, ILL. — Mahoney Plumbing here is celebrating 50 years in business on Chicago’s the North Shore.

For its 50th anniversary, Mahoney Plumbing kicked off a yearlong celebration beginning March 17, 2010, and ending on Saint Patrick’s Day 2011. The celebration will feature specials, education and reminders. A believer in consumer education, the company is offerings insights on ways to check whether a home’s sump pump is working; ways to prevent pipes from freezing, and simple ways to keep a garbage disposal working.

The company attributes its success to the people that make up the Mahoney Plumbing team. With some technicians celebrating 20 years and more with the company, the company believes its long-term success has come from their hard work.

“Over the years we’ve become a part of our customer’s lives,” said President Dan Mahoney, a licensed plumber since 1972. “We’ve saved the day on Thanksgiving morning when the garbage disposal clogged from too many potatoes, stopped sewage from destroying the in-laws visit and updated bathrooms for homeowners to showcase at their Fourth of July barbeques. We are here whenever they need us. I’m incredibly proud to be able to say that 50 years later we are still offering the level of service my father did.”

Fifty years ago, Bart Mahoney Jr. began this company based on simple, yet profound, philosophies like, “good ethics is good business,” “take off your shoes at every home as if it is your own,” and “when you sell from your heart, your pocket will be rewarded.”

Since its beginning, the company has relied on professional organizations to stay abreast of the latest trends. An avid supporter of the plumbing industry, Dan Mahoney has held multiple seats on local and state boards and committees. Currently, Dan is on the Board of Directors for the Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Authority of Northern Illinois. He also is a trustee for the Pension and Welfare Fund for United Association Local 501 and a director of the Illinois Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. In 2006, Dan was president of the Illinois PHCC.

In addition to its involvement with professional organizations, Mahoney Plumbing has been recognized for its charitable works in Lake, Cook and McHenry counties along with a remote Boy Scout camp located near Antigo, Wis.

Throughout the company’s journey, one thing has remained the same: the company’s philosophy that good ethics is good business. According to Dan, “It’s what great, enduring companies do and it’s what has made us what we are today. We’ve grown from a two-man shop run out of a shoebox to the company we are today thanks to that enduring philosophy.”

Founded in 1960 to provide home comfort to North Shore residents, Mahoney Plumbing Inc. offers complete service and repair of plumbing, heating and cooling systems. Its teams of technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. From small repairs to larger remodeling and new construction builds the firm has grown over the last 50 years by providing outstanding service that its customers talk about.

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