FE Moran is encouraging youth to join the mechanical contracting trade

FE Moran trying to bring youth into construction

April 2, 2015
F.E. Moran is encouraging youth to join the mechanical contracting trade

NORTHBROOK, Ill. - F.E. Moran is encouraging youth to join the mechanical contracting trade. To encourage this, Charlotte Flesher, Vice President of F.E. Moran, and Mike McCombie, President of F.E. Moran, have teamed up with the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) to distribute scholarships to Illinois State University, Purdue University, and Bradley University students joining the mechanical contracting field.

On January 27, 2015, five students were chosen to receive $2,500 scholarships for their outstanding student work in the contracting management field. Mr. Flesher was honored to have the opportunity to distribute one of the scholarships to a mechanical contracting student who has gone above and beyond in the field.

Three students, Erin Collins, Jake Luna, and Evan Elliot, received the Herb Kreisman Award Scholarship of $2,500 each. Two more students, Brandt Lawyer and Brandon Weber were awarded the James McCauley Sr. Award Scholarship, receiving $1,250 each.

In addition to the scholarships, the MCAA is encouraging its members to provide an on-the-job experience for young people interested in the mechanical field by offering $1,500 grants to MCAA member companies who hire an intern. The MCAA is launching a website where students can post their resumes and form a student-contractor relationship.

In the wake of the resurgence of encouraging youth in the field, Ms. Flesher has taken an even more active role at the MCAA. She was recently appointed as the Student Chapter Liaison. In this position, she will mentor students interested in HVAC and other mechanical trades and provide them with MCAA resources. Ms. Flesher said, “I am excited for the opportunity to work with college students interested in the mechanical trades. It will be a mutually beneficial experience. While we can pass our knowledge to the next generation, they can take us to another level with technology and a new perspective.”

F.E. Moran is an HVAC contractor in Northbrook, Illinois. They have been providing optimal service to commercial, residential high-rise, industrial, and education properties since 1957.

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