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The "sexy plumber" myth has a basis in fact

Jan. 29, 2016
Middle-aged, balding plumbing equipment salesman is co-owner of Hedonism II, and the lifestyle that goes with it.

In an article appearing in Boston Magazine, the author talks about a chance encounter with Jon Gross, a plumbing salesman who has two very interesting side-projects; he is co-owner of clothing-optional resort Hedonism II, and he owns a company called Jon's Fluffernutters, which throws round-the-clock parties for hundred of free-loving revelers.

And Gross not only makes money off of the lifestyle, he both lives it and evangelizes it.

After my chance encounter with Gross, I got to know many of these people—teachers, accountants, police officers, and lawyers from throughout New England and around the world. There are thousands of them, all happy to pay for the privilege of partying with Jon Gross. The ones I met spoke of him in fawning terms, as if he were the beloved pastor of a megachurch. Except instead of salvation, Gross’s flock seeks liberation through nudity, hard partying, and free love, one blowout weekend at a time.

Read the full story on the website of Boston Magazine.

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