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Contractormag 13140 Fumes

Plumbers Poisoned by CO

July 12, 2019
Workers poisoned while working in a confined space at the San Francisco Intl. Airport.

FOSTER CITY, CA — According to a story published on the Safety Unlimited News-Service, Cal/OSHA has cited two employers for accident-related health and safety violations after workers were poisoned by carbon monoxide while in a confined space at San Francisco International Airport. 

Two plumbers from Gladiator Rooter & Plumbing working in a crawl space to replace underground sewer pipes were overcome by fumes. They had been working with a gasoline-powered saw. One of the workers was hospitalized for two days.

Cal/OSHA Deputy Chief of Enforcement, Debra Lee, as quoted on said:

These workers were fortunate because performing work in confined spaces can be deadly, especially when oxygen levels are reduced or when deadly gases are present. Employers must identify and evaluate potential hazards before workers enter confined spaces so they can ensure workers are trained and a rescue plan is in place in case of emergency.

Read the full story on the Safety Unlimited News-Service site.

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