ASSE calls for scald awareness committee participants

WESTLAKE, OHIO — The American Society of Sanitary Engineering, along with industry partners, are in the process of forming a committee with the purpose of raising awareness about the disfiguring and painful problem of scalding. The committee, which is chaired by ASSE's immediate past president, Richard Prospal, hopes to inform the public of issues relating to uncontrolled water temperatures in showers and baths, the potential for scalding temperatures in showers and baths, and the potential for slips and falls due to thermal shock in showers in baths. This committee also plans on creating educational tools relating to these issues that can help raise awareness and help prevent the serious problem of scalding.

One of the first tasks planned for this committee is to publish an ASSE position paper, explaining where the American Society of Sanitary Engineering stands on the issue of low-flow shower heads and their relationship to scalding issues.

"The effects of scald accidents in showers and baths have been a driving force at ASSE for more than 35 years," said Richard Prospal, the Scald Awareness Committee chairman. "This newly formed outreach committee will work with many of our industry partners to spread the message of scald and thermal shock prevention, especially to high risk groups such as young children and the elderly."

This committee is currently open only to members of the American Society of Sanitary Engineering. Current volunteers of the Scald Awareness Committee are: Bill Chapin of Cash Acme, Ron George of Ron George Design and Consulting Services, Bill Hall of Leonard Valve, Sally Remedios of Delta Faucet, and Carl Triphahn of P.I.P.E.

All of those interested in participating in this committee should contact Richard J. Prospal, chair of the Scald Awareness Committee, via e-mail at [email protected] no later than Monday, Jan. 4, 2010. The first meeting of this committee (via conference call) is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Jan. 8, 2010.

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