Contracting professionals must have great customer service skills

Contracting professionals must have great customer service skills.

Contractors must look to meet (and exceed) customer expectations

Giving the customer what they want is something every contractor wants to do, but not every contractor knows how to do it.

On Contracting Business, Hal Conick looked at nine ways contractors (in this case, HVAC companies) could win over more customers. Plumbing professionals should take not, as giving great customer service, having knowledge of your offerings and keeping a great website up and running are essential across all small businesses.

Global online traffic in North America is slated to grow 20 percent every year until 2018, according to a report from Cisco. This means more users online and more customers looking to find your business.

Make yourself well-known by having a great website with information on your company, services and even employees. This will help the company seem more personable, approachable and open. It may also be helpful to claim and create profiles on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yelp. Gain as much control of your business online as possible; you will be very happy you did in future years.

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