If you work in the field as a contractor layer up Its cold out there (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

If you work in the field as a contractor, layer up. It's cold out there.

Contractors must take steps to stay safe in frigid weather

We’ve been talking about how cold it is all week, because… well, it’s been really cold. For those who work in the field, our sister site Contracting Business featured a helpful photo gallery on six ways contractors can stay safe in this current span of subzero weather.

Tips including stacking up the layers of clothing, resting up when you know it will be cold and knowing what your limits are.

Everyone can be their own best judge of how they are feeling, but it will take some education and knowledge of what it feels like to be beyond the point of “too cold.”

Contractors may want to take a quick look through the United States Department of Labor’s website to read about the symptoms of ailments such as trench foot, frostbite and hypothermia. Anyone that feels as though they are getting even somewhat close to any of these should find a warm place to take cover. Being healthy is much more important than getting a job done.

Page through the photo gallery on Contracting Business, and as always, stay safe out there!

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