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Five easy steps to avoid a Thanksgiving plumbing disaster

Every November, people across the country gather with friends, family and others for a feast of epic proportions (and usually, epic portions). With all of the trimmings, food packaging, guests and general excitement, not only is Thanksgiving one of America’s most beloved holidays, it’s also one of the busiest plumbing days of the year!

Paul Abrams, a spokesperson for Roto Rooter, a large U.S. plumbing and drain cleaning service, told Reuters that the day after Thanksgiving is a “perfect storm” for his plumbers that requires all hands on deck. Calls go up 50 percent over a usual Friday and up a fifth across the entire Thanksgiving weekend for Abrams' company.

How can you have the perfect Thanksgiving gathering while avoiding “the perfect storm” that comes to many households? Here are five easy tips to having a plumbing issue-free Thanksgiving holiday.

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