Michael James Flatley Flatleys Plumbing Express passed away at age 87 Flatley's Plumbing Express.

Michael James Flatley, founder of Flatley’s Plumbing Express, passed away at age 87.

Founder of Flatley’s Plumbing Express, father of ‘Lord of the Dance’ passes away

Michael James Flatley, founder of the Frankfort, Illinois-based Flatley’s Plumbing Express and father of Michael Flatley, the legendary “Lord of the Dance,” passed away at age 87, according to the Chicago Tribune.

A hard-working Irish immigrant, his son and current owner of the business Patrick Flatley said his father would work at the plumbing business six to seven days a week but was always happy-go-lucky.

Mr. Flatley came to the United States from Ireland in 1947. After finding some success in business, he returned to Ireland briefly at age 26 to build his parents a home there, Patrick said.

Patrick said his father had built every home the family lived in around the Chicago area since he was 12 years old.

"It's so hard to swallow; poor Dad is not with us anymore," he said.

Visit the Chicago Tribune’s website to read more about the life of Flatley. Visit this gallery to read about his son’s experience in his business before he became the Lord of the Dance.

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