Mansfield Plumbing may have a job for you

Mansfield Plumbing may have a job for you.

Mansfield Plumbing expanding but still looking for workers

Are you young, able-bodied, and looking for work? According to The Mansfield News Journal, Mansfield Plumbing may have a job for you.

The company, based in Perrysville, Ohio, recently had a $10 million plant expansion completed in 2013. This called for an additional 150 jobs, but Vice President of Manufacturing Paul Stover said they are still about 60 people short of where they’d like to be by May.

"Not just any 60," said Gary Pember, vice president of marketing. "It takes a certain type of person to really be successful here. Somebody that's passionate about delivering a quality product, somebody who wants to be a part of a family and a team, and somebody who's not afraid to work hard."

All of the jobs are in production, predominantly on the night shift, from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. Mansfield Plumbing provides training on-site.

Stover was quoted as saying they’re looking for someone who has “the strength of a linebacker, but the hands of an artist.” If this is you, visit the Mansfield Plumbing website. Either way, it’s great to see companies in our industry actually looking to hire qualified employees.

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