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<p>Newark, NJ.</p>

Is Newark poised to become the next Flint?

Water crisis in Newark schools points to nation-wide infrastructure concerns.

Lead contamination at schools in Newark shows that the problem of water contamination may not be an isolated one.

More than half the schools have tested positive for lead contamination. Environmental groups say the problem has been a long time developing. A lack of spending on infrastructure and a patchwork approach to testing and maintenance are both contributing factors.

According to an article recently published on

More than 3,000 children tested positive for lead poisoning in New Jersey last year, and 11 communities - including Newark and neighboring East Orange and Irvington - have a higher proportion of young children with dangerous lead levels than Flint...  Kim Gaddy, an environmental justice coordinator for the New Jersey chapter of Clean Water Action and a current candidate for Newark's School Advisory Board, said Newark schools have taken a patchwork approach to dealing with possible contamination dating back decades.

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