Noritz Road Show showcasing new water heaters across the country

Noritz America will be entering its 8th week of the Noritz Road Show, showcasing its breakthrough residential tankless-for-tank replacement technology. Noritz is unveiling the EZTR40, with roadshow visits to more than 250 locations in the South and West until November 20.

Designed to offer a quicker and less costly alternative when retrofitting conventional 40-gallon tank-type water heaters, the new EZTR40 accommodates much of the existing equipment and connections of a tank-style heater, including the b-venting, half-inch gas line and top-access to water lines.

Is the Noritz Road Trip heading to a town near you? Spot the Noritz Truck and tweet a picture to @NoritzAmerica using the hashtag #NoritzRoadTrip, and be sure to follow Noritz on Twitter and Facebook for exciting daily updates from the Road Trip team.

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