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Outbreak of Legionnaires disease hits the Bronx

Outbreak of Legionnaires disease hits the Bronx

City health officials think a mist from cooling towers may be to blame for an outbreak of Legionnaires disease that has sickened 86 and caused several deaths.

The outbreak, which began back in July, is now the largest the City of New York has seen in its history.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal:

New York City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett said the city’s infectious-disease team believed with “high confidence” that one or more of the five towers was the likely source of the outbreak. She said the team was working around the clock to confirm the source and better understand why the disease had taken off so aggressively in the South Bronx.

Health officials in New York are coordinating their efforts to control the outbreak with scientists at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Read the full story in the Wall Street Journal's online article.

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