Photograph provided courtesy of Denver International Airport
A view of the new hotel/transit center.

Burgesss completes mechanical systems for Denver Airports's hotel, transit center

Feb. 24, 2016
The newly-designed Westin Hotel Denver International Airport includes 519 guest rooms and sits on top of the new transit center Burgess Services assumed 100 percent of the risk of the project through insurance bonds Burgess Services managed eleven subcontractors to conduct different aspects of the project

DENVER — Burgess Services announced the completion of the Denver International Airport’s (DIA) Westin Hotel and Transit Center project. Burgess Services was awarded a $39.6 million contract in 2013 to manage the installation of all mechanical and plumbing systems.

Burgess Services celebrates 41 years in business this year. The company continually integrates new technology to provide exceptional services for its clients. During the DIA Hotel and Transit Center project, Burgess Services used iPads in the field, converting the print building design to digital expediting reports back to engineers to resolve design issues and provide real-time problem resolution and answers to field questions.  

The newly-designed Westin Hotel Denver International Airport includes 519 guest rooms and sits atop the new transit center. Known as the urban hub, the transit center will connect travelers to and from Downtown Denver when rail service begins in April of 2016. Burgess Services began work on the DIA Hotel and Transit Center project in 2013 during the early design assist phase. Following the successful design assist phase, a project budget was developed and the construction began.  

“This was one of the few opportunities where a minority-owned business was able to carry the risk of a project on this scale,” said Burgess Services’ President and CEO Denise Burgess. “I look forward the new opportunities for our company and the other minority owned companies that joined the Burgess Mechanical Team and grew in experience and technical knowledge because of the exceptional team work on this project.”

Burgess Services assumed 100 percent of the risk of the project through insurance bonds, making the company financially responsible for any incidents or incompletion of the project. One of the most significant milestones for Burgess Services was the completion of the project without a single recordable safety incident for the entire project.

“Large construction projects require companies to take out costly surety bonds that can run thousands of dollars, and there are not many minority-owned companies that can pay the large premiums associated with surety bonds,” said Burgess. “ We broke a ceiling and that makes me most proud. Also, the fact that we were able to complete a project of this scale without incident is unprecedented, but we did it.”

“Burgess Services among other contractors has put in hard work to complete DIA’s Westin and new Transit Center.  Burgess Services has provided exceptional oversight of the project and the entire project team can’t thank her and her team enough for a job well done,” said Stuart Williams, project manager for the Westin Hotel and Transit Center project.

Burgess Services managed eleven subcontractors to conduct different aspects of the project including the mechanical installation, in which Burgess Services oversaw. Subcontractors’ work also included test and balance, controls and smoke testing, normally not under the construction management team’s scope of work. The Burgess Team consisted of five construction managers that had a combined experience of 50 years in overseeing construction projects. Among them was Burgess Services’ Corporate Office Engineer and Estimator, Sackor Dennis, who’s been with Burgess Services for more than five years. Dennis, obtained his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has been part of the Burgess team longer than any other employee. Among the subcontractors were several minority owned companies, in which one has become so successful and profitable, they’ve grown out of the minority owned certificate program.

The view from the new hotel.

“Denise Burgess represents what is possible in business for women in the City of Denver. As an exceptional professional she has defied all odds and built an incredible business in our city,” said Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks.

Denise Burgess’ father, the late Clyde J. Burgess founded Burgess Heating and Air Conditioning in 1974. A military veteran, Mr. Burgess was a pioneer and dedicated his life to his business and the Denver community. In 1993, Denise Burgess joined the family business and became president of the company in 2002. Her first project was for the Denver International Airport. By January 2008, all branches of the company were presented under the Burgess Services’ umbrella including Burgess Mechanical and BA Quality Control. The name changed, but the essence of what Burgess meant stayed the same:  professionalism, excellent work and satisfied clients.

“I met Denise 6 years ago when I was working at the City of Denver’s Office of Economic Development department; she was one of the co-chairs of the CEI Committee,” said Jocelyn Robinson, a retired manager for the city and county of Denver’s Division of Small Business Opportunity – Certification Department. “This committee oversaw the implementation and control of the City’s M/WBE program.   She is not only knowledgeable and professional, she is business savvy and makes sure she gives opportunities to companies based on qualification.”

“Denise Burgess, is a true success story of a minority woman owned business!  She has helped pave the way for others to succeed with her contributions to the construction business through her high quality of work and her civic engagement,” says the City of Denver’s Director of Small Business Opportunity Chris Martinez.

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