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Inc. names TDIndustries’ MacDowell No. 7 CEO in the world

April 6, 2017
The Inc. magazine feature that focuses on unique leadership throughout the world. MacDowell is recognized for his communicative leadership style and his adherence to the principles of servant leadership.
Harold MacDowell

DALLAS — TDIndustries’ CEO Harold MacDowell was named No. 7 in an Inc. magazine feature that focuses on unique leadership throughout the world. The feature, “The World’s 10 Top CEOs,” provides insight into the principles and success of servant leadership across the globe.

“Servant leadership is at the core of our culture at TDIndustries,” MacDowell said. “It’s an honor to be recognized as a CEO who is making an impact, and I strive each day to lead with a servant’s heart and to foster growth, trust, and excellence among our TDPartners.”

MacDowell is recognized on the top CEOs list for his communicative leadership style, as well as his dedication to maintaining TD’s distinctive culture.

“As the CEO since 2005,” explained Marcel Schwantes, who wrote the article. “MacDowell continues to deepen TD’s commitment to servant leadership and to the ‘Great Place to Work’ culture that plays such a key role in sustaining an environment in which employees are valued, respected, and appreciated.”

Schwantes noted that businesses can learn from leaders who have put people “ahead of profits through shared values like authenticity, intrapreneurship, freedom and ownership, community and collaboration.” These “wildly successful” companies, he said, “are guided by visionary leaders who walk the talk of servant leadership.”

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