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The relationships Brent Ridley fostered through his podcast were instrumental in making the Miracle Mechanical projects successful.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Nov. 29, 2022
Brent Ridley of Miracle Mechanical is giving back by way of what he knows best—installing plumbing and HVAC systems for the less fortunate.
CUMMING, GA—He wanted to do something more. Something with a sense of purpose. Brent Ridley, H & M Services, Inc.—a father/son full-service heating, cooling and plumbing company, and Tool Pros podcaster—was looking to give back.

After years of growing the Tool Pros brand by doing tool reviews via social media and the podcast, Ridley developed relationships with several tool/trade-related companies and wanted to use those connections to put some good back into the world. “Free tools, trips, etc. are great, but I wanted to use my platform to do more, and the best avenue to do so was by doing what I know best—HVAC and plumbing,” says Ridley.

What was born from this idea became Miracle Mechanical, a charitable organization dedicated to uplifting families and communities one plumbing/ HVAC repair at a time—at no cost to the recipient.

Need is the Only Qualification

The selection process is based on need and Ridley and his crew do not limit the pool of recipients. If you are someone in need, regardless of circumstance, you qualify. Ridley starts the selection process by posting in local social media groups, and from there he contacts each individual, meets with them, and assesses the repairs needed. While the vetting process and choosing a recipient can be difficult, “I truly believe with each project the ‘right’ family or individual has been placed in our path making each and every project even more meaningful,” says Ridley.

Since its inception in January 2021, Miracle has successfully completed six projects for needy families located all around the North Georgia area. “We don’t have any specific timeline, but we hope to continue doubling and tripling that number with every coming year,” says Ridley.

Currently, all of Miracle’s recipients have been local to the North Georgia/Metro Atlanta area. “However, our ultimate goal is to take Miracle Mechanical on the road and help those in need of major plumbing and HVAC repairs all across the country,” says Ridley.

Team-Up with AHR Expo

Right in time for the AHR Show next February in Atlanta, Miracle Mechanical teamed with AHR to install two HVAC units for the high school kids at the Atlanta College and Career Academy (ACCA) on which to train. “We had a blast at the Atlanta College and Career Academy project; it was great to work with the next generations of HVAC pros,” said Ridley on his Instagram account @miraclemechanical.

Ridley admits he couldn’t do this alone. “Our corporate sponsors are very important. With their financial contribution, we are able to complete these costly repairs at no cost to the homeowner, as well as fulfill other needs the recipient may have such as new appliances, groceries, landscaping etc.,” says Ridley.

Juggling Act

And, because Ridley is a contractor, successful podcaster and tool reviewer, where does he find the time for all of this, you ask? “Quite frankly, it’s somewhat of intricate juggling act; thankfully, my wife, Kathleen, manages all of the podcast/Miracle Mechanical operations full time, allowing me to focus on the daily operations of our HVAC and plumbing company. Our teamwork has allowed us the ability to take on all of the amazing opportunities that come our way,” says Ridley.

On average, it can take two to three months to plan and schedule everything. An immense amount of planning and logistics go into every project because Ridley wants to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for the recipient on project day.

Project days are usually eight to nine hours work days, depending on the repairs needed. “Our film and sound crew are on site with us the entire day, and once we wrap, they turn all the footage over to our editor. Once our editor has her hands on hours of film, she works her magic and creates a 15- to 20-minute episode to be shared.

“For the most part, it’s me and my and my wife Kathleen planning and managing all the logistics of each project. When the actual project day arrives, I bring three or four of my crew members from H & M Services to help complete the mechanical aspects,” says Ridley.

A Change in Trajectory

Each project is satisfying in their own unique way, but some touch you more deeply than others, says Ridley. “The whole-house re-pipe project where we helped return access to clean, running water by replacing all of the corroded galvanized pipes—with new copper piping and 80 lbs. of Viega ProPress fittings— will always be one of my favorites.”

In the end, the most rewarding aspect of the project is, at the completion of a work day, the recipient’s reaction to the repairs that have been made. “At face value, it may seem like just plumbing or HVAC repairs, which may seem commonplace to most of us, but to them it is so much more. It is a change in trajectory for the homeowner in what could have been an overwhelming situation. I think one of recipients said it best, ‘I don’t just have clean running water now, I have hope,’” says Ripley.

All Miracle Mechanical episodes are posted on the Tool Pros YouTube channel, as well as the Tool Pros (@toolpros) Instagram account. 

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