Plumbing may have saved Anthony Cartagenas life (Photo Illustration by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

Plumbing may have saved Anthony Cartagena's life.

Plumbing gives man a second chance at life

Often times, we see poor life choices end up in disaster. One wrong turn can mean a lifetime of agony. Fortunately for Anthony Cartagena, that was not the case. Richard Marini of the San Antonio Express-News wrote that Cartagena, a former drug addict and member of the Latin Kings, beat the odds and become a successful family man and master plumber.

Cartagena, who works with Parker & Sons Plumbing in San Antonio, Texas, learned the industry from his father-in-law after receiving years of bad influence from his biological father.

For his part, Anthony is at peace with the choices he's made.

"I don't miss the life at all," he said, referring to the drugs and violence of the Latin Kings. "If I'd continued down that path, it would have destroyed my family. Sure it was fun, but at the end of the day it always left me feeling alone. And I don't want to be alone."

Read more about Cartagena’s incredible journey here. Do you have a great plumbing story of your own? Let us know by emailing Hal Conick at [email protected].

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