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From a great salary to job security, women should consider entering the home service industry.

High 5 Plumbing Offers Insight Into Careers for Women in the Trades

March 13, 2024
Denver-based plumber touts benefits for working in the home service industry.

DENVER — When it comes to working in the home service industry, High 5 Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area, understands the positive advantages it can bring to a person’s career and lifestyle. With March being Women’s History Month, the team at High 5 Plumbing believes now is a perfect time for women to consider starting their trade career.

Not Just for Men

“While there has been a considerable change in the perception of working in the trades, many still view plumbing as a male-dominated industry,” said Cassi Torres, co-owner of High 5 Plumbing. “There may be more males than females in the industry, but it’s not just for men. The trades offer an excellent career path for women. In addition to steady employment, the jobs offer great money and benefits for women to support their families. Whether you are a technician in the field or a customer service representative, there are plenty of job opportunities for women in plumbing or any other home service industry.”

One of the primary benefits of working in the trades is the cost of education. According to Indeed, one might pay as little as 5,000 per year to attend a trade school. Students who attend four-year colleges could spend anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 per year on tuition. In addition, trade school programs can be completed in one to two years.

When it comes to a paycheck, those working in the trades can earn above-average salaries as soon as they enter the workforce. Earning potential can also be increased with more certifications.

No Better Time

“From a great salary to job security, women should consider entering the home service industry,” Torres said. “With more and more companies looking for skilled workers, this is a great opportunity to find a career you love while also helping take care of the community. Whether there is a pandemic or a financial crisis, people will always need plumbing maintenance. What better time to consider a shift than during Women’s History Month?”

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