ReUze system is designed for non-potable water use

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — ReUze, a new CPVC water piping system from Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, gives professionals in the sustainability industry a practical system for non-potable water uses inside commercial and residential buildings.

ReUze is manufactured using CPVC compound along with a purple pigment (purple is the universally accepted color for non-potable water systems). It is marked with two lines of type clearly identifying the contents as non-potable water. The type is 180° apart, so that no matter what angle the piping system is viewed at, there can be no mistake that the pipe is carrying non-potable water. This ensures that water lines fit for human consumption are not crossed with non-potable water lines.

The new water piping system will be listed with NSF Intl. and bears the mark NSF-rw. It meets all of the same requirements as Charlotte Pipe’s FlowGuard Gold Copper Tube Size and Corzan Schedule 80 domestic water piping systems (NSF 14 and 61 listing, pressure/temperature handling capability, and flame and smoke characteristics).

The CPVC piping system is listed as being suitable for potable water in the majority of the nation’s plumbing codes. It meets a 25/50 flame spread and smoke developed rating per American Society for Testing and Materials E 84 test protocol, so that the system can be installed in an unducted return air plenum. It has a proven installation method, and there is no longer the need to use copper pipe painted purple, reducing costs and the chance that water lines may be confused.

ReUze will be available in CTS sizes ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1½” and 2” sizes in 20-ft. lengths. It will be installed using available low VOC FlowGuard Gold single step solvent cements and existing CTS fittings, including Charlotte Pipe transition fittings, featuring integral brass threads. It will carry the same 400 psi at 73°F pressure rating as the company’s domestic water piping system.

Engineers and architects motivated to design projects utilizing non-potable water for indoor use was a major factor in Charlotte Pipe creating this product. The use of non-potable water can contribute up to 10 U.S. Green Building Council LEED points on a project.

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