Rheem-Ruud HP Series hybrid promotion offers discount, free water heater

MONTGOMERY, ALA. — Rheem Water Heating recently launched a spring and summer sales promotion to encourage plumbing contractors to buy and install the new Rheem or Ruud HP Series of hybrid electric water heaters with energy-saving heat pump technology. On April 29, a mailing was sent to Rheem and Ruud installers nationwide, detailing the two-part special offer.

By showing the original mailer to a participating distributor (no photocopies accepted), a contractor can receive a one-time $25 discount on any Rheem or Ruud HP Series hybrid water heater purchased between May 1 and Sept. 15, 2010. A contractor can also receive a free Rheem or Ruud HP Series water heater by purchasing and installing 10 of these models between May 1 and Sept. 15, 2010.

Copies of distributor invoices and installation invoices, including serial numbers and installation addresses, must be submitted by September 30 of this year. Once a submission has been qualified, Rheem will send a participating contractor a special certificate for a free HP hybrid water heater.

“Because of its energy-efficient design, the HP Series is a great way for contractors to grow their businesses by helping their customers save money on their energy bills while getting a quick payback on their water heater purchases,” said Tom Wujcik, manager of wholesale sales, Rheem Water Heating.

The new HP-40 Heat Pump Water Heater offers an Energy Factor of 2.0, or more than twice the energy efficiency of a standard electric storage water heater. As a result, the new water heater qualifies for a federal tax credit as well as many state and utility rebates and incentives. Once available in June, the HP-40 hybrid will be the only 40-gal. heat pump water heater on the market.

Contractors can learn how to install Rheem hybrid technology by attending a free online Webinar at: https://rheemtraining.webex.com/mw0306l/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=rheemtraining. No password is required: Visitors to the site simply click on “Recorded Sessions” on the left side of the screen where they will see “Heat Pump Water Heater (Hybrid) Installation & Troubleshooting” in the list of training topics. Contractors can also attend a live Webinar to ask questions by clicking on the “Upcoming” tab to view a list of scheduled educational events.

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